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Open learning, personalized by experts

A tailored approach to education that meets the unique needs and interests of every child

What is Skandamitra?

Skandamitra is a center for open learning where the curriculum is tailor made for every child. It has proven to be the best avenue to improve student engagement, increase academic performance, and prepare students for future success. Here, every child is treated with dignity and respect. He/She is afforded the space to think, express and learn from their ideas. We offer a safe and collaborative environment for children to grow socially and emotionally.

An impact never before seen in the Indian learning ecosystem

Trust of Parents, earned through meticulous attention to detail  

“Traditional schooling failed my child. He always seemed short on confidence, unsure of himself and underperformed in academics. But over the past year I’ve seen him grow into a new version of himself. He’s more assertive, outspoken and has an opinion on everything. What Skandamitra has been able to achieve goes beyond academic improvement.”

Avinash Reddy,

Father of Deepak

“My son has become more respectful and considerate of others over the past year. Having been part of multiple group sessions with him at Skandamitra's learning center, I can see the reason behind his change. The group activities have been designed wonderfully. Keep up this level of expertise.”


Mother of Om

“I'm a big fan of the Out of Syllabus activities that my daughter was exposed to. Things like film making, museum curation or journalism. It has given her an avenue to explore all her natural talents. It's good to have educational institutes that are not trying to prepare children for a rat race.”

Vipul Bhandari,
Father of Chahak

  • Does Skandamitra have a program for specially abled children?
    Yes, Skandamitra has partnered with many organizations that specialize in providing quality learning and education for specially abled children.
  • Is Skandamitra’s learning curriculum affiliated to any board?
    No, it is not affiliated to any board, it is an open learning center for all students to come and use the resources available for their studies and learning.
  • Can I try the program first before signing up?
    To try the program, one will need to enroll with Skandamitra. However, you're free to un-enroll your child within 30 days if you're unhappy with the program and claim a refund.

Want to know more about what Skandamitra can offer your child?

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